altered art journal~

this is my first attempt at altering a premade journal....I hand watercolored over 150 pages & each page is stamped with art stamps~

I wanted to incorporate my art into something useful, something to be used, something to inspire.... to tempt creativeness in someone else. I hope it will intrigue someone to write about their dreams, secrets, fears & inspirations~

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Sept 26, 2006


the car show~

Finally my darling gypsy husband is back in town, but only for a week...he had to fly in for the week long car show~ we only entered the GTO this year, so wish us luck for winning, the kids love to receive the trophies (it's no big deal to Mike & I, but such a blast for our kids to win)

This year, there is over 2000 entries, it is so amazing! They shut down Waterstreet in Henderson ( 15 minutes from Vegas strip) and it is just a huge raging party~ so fun!

Hopefully will have more pics to share later ~ xo!!


desire~ for an artist~

"Desire is the key to motivation." (Mario Andretti)

Desire is more than a wish--it's a craving. When the artist has the feeling that the work at hand is worthwhile in and for its own sake--and temporarily safe from negative input or jaded critique--then the artist simply craves the work for its own sake. This state of desire often requires the self-delusion and iconoclasm that isolation provides. It's in private times that the tender shoots of desire appear and flourish. And while desire may prime starting, starting also primes desire.


I love the smell of clove cigerettes, reminiscent of the days staying out until dawn, dancing the night away in a smoky dance club~ feeling a sense of sadness when I would see the sun rising~ my confession...occasionally, I miss the freeness of irresponsibility.


“If your everyday life seems poor, don't blame it; blame yourself; admit to yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches; because for the creator there is no poverty and no indifferent place.” - rainer maria rilke


Love for Lisa~

this is my friend Lisa who passed away just recently, yesterday would have been her 35th birthday~

she has left behind a sweet little girl, Taylor who is 10 years old...I wanted to share some websites that are holding fundraisers for a few different things...but the one I would love for you to check out, is funds that will go directly to sweet Taylor~the money will go for Taylor's upbringing and education. Any Bank of America will take donations for Love for Lisa. Some mail it to her direct address 5139 Trevi Place NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114

Also I wanted to mention ...the art doll bodice that I have for auction on ebay....portions of the proceeds are being donated to Taylor~ http://www.velvet-rooms.com




9~11...reopening my ebay store~

Finally reopening my ebay store! tonight around 8:00..come visit me ;)

I will have the latest canvas art piece, other lil' items & an altered art doll bodice, inspired by the lovely JoAnna, she creates the most amazing art dolls & other amazing art pieces!! you can see here work, click these links~http://stores.ebay.com/Moss-Hill-Studio-Store_W0QQsspagenameZL2QQtZkm or http://www.mosshill.blogs.com/

~the doll is dedicated to my friend Lisa who lost her battle with Leukemia this past week. Much needed prayers needed for her 10 year old daughter~

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September 11th, 2006


finally.... I have created some art!
8 X 6 canvas
specialty hand made paper
stamped wax
writings..."for in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow." Ecclesiastes 2:1


Favorite finds~ Junky Gypsy Co.

My new favorite find....the Junk Gypsy Company!!!

I really am a gypsy you know... in my heart I am restless like the wind, if I didn't have my kids to keep me stable, I would be travelin the countryside, in search of treasures~


70 years ago it washed ashore~

According to the Santa Cruz News, the specimen was thirty-four feet long, its head bigger than a barrel, and its eyes bigger than an abalone. Also, it had a great oval shaped body with a neck seven feet long and thirty-six inches in diameter. Its body was covered with a coat of "semi-hair and feathers," and its mouth was like that of a duck's bill.

"In the Wake of Sea Serpents," Bernard Heuvelmans' authoritative book, discusses the monster in the following terms: "It was a strange creature, with a huge head longer than a man, tiny eyes and sort of duck's head beak. It was joined to the main body by a slender neck that seemed to be about thirty feet long."

We now come to perhaps the most intriguing description of them all, given by one of the most scientifically competent of them all. Mind the reader, not most competent, but one of the most competent. His name was E.L. Wallace, a man who served twice as president of the Natural History Society of British Columbia. He had the following to say about the animal...

My examination of the monster was quite thorough. I felt in its mouth and found it had no teeth. Its head is large and its neck fully twenty feet long. The body is weak and the tail is only three feet in length from the end of the backbone. These facts do away with the whale theory, as the backbone of a whale is far larger than any bone in this animal. Again, its tail is too weak for an animal of the deep and does away with that last version. "With a bill like it possesses, it must have lived on herbage . . . I would call it a type of plesiosaurus."

Check out more info on dinosaurs & other intriguinging questions & answers.... www.drdino.com


My confession of the day...

I spend way too much time on this danged computer...I should be creating art! ;) xoxo!

art money~

Have you heard about art money?! it is a very interesting concept~ I am going to try it out, wanted to share with you, more atists involved the better :) here is a lil' info from their website....( I would imagine there is some behind the scenes political aspect involved, but put that aside & look at the fun side of creating art money)

Art Money is an original art object by which we aim to create a global alternative currency.
BIAM (Bank of International Art Money) is operated as an artist run organisation in cooperation with the inventor of our content manager program "easy site": http://www.inleadmedia.com/

The purpose of BIAM is
To offer artists worldwide the chance of financial freedom and worldwide exposure in order to focus on the creative process in the pursuit of a beautyfull world.
To integrate an alternative global currency with local currencies world wide as a setp towards equal shopping conditions for rich and poor reguardless of the conditions of the local social environment in the persuit of a world of individual choise and personal freedom.
To create an art object with a pratical social application. Using art money to pay for private accomodation will bring people together in an intimate private situation. This may offer the chance for new friendships among strangers from all over the world. This currency may as such function as a human link across cultural, racial, linguistic, political and religious barriers in the pursuit of a peacefull world.
Seven rules apply to the production and use of art money
Art money is created by artist’s registered in BIAM. Each artist can issue an amount equivalent to the value of own art production.
Art money is flat and measures 12x18 cm. All durable materials can be used. The bill shows serial number, year of production, http://www.art-money.org/, artist readable name, artist original signature.
Art money must be an original work of art and show a visible sign of the artist’s physical work.
Art money starts at a value of 20 Euro and increases by 5 Euro per year for 7 years. It holds the value of 50 Euro after 7 years.
Art money is guaranteed to buy art and services at registered BIAM artists for up to 50% of purchase price.
Art money can be used as a means of payment in registered BIAM shops and industry in respect of the individual policy of the business. It may well be used other places where accept is found.
Art money can not be exchanged back into cash from the artist........


did you know?

did you know farm mothers, from the Great Depression, sewed clothes from flour & seed burlap sacks! as you can see this mommy is wearing a skirt made from one, in this picture you have to look carefully to see how filthy all of them are & their clothes are shredded~

Later some companies began making the sacks with pretty patterns, knowing they could be used for clothing~

isn't that something!


Anaïs Nin (Ragtime, 1944)

I wanted to share with you.... Keith Lo Bue read this to his "precious little group" at Artfest 2006, which touched many our our hearts...I noticed a few weepy eyes~

The ragpicker worked in silence among the stains and smells. His bag was swelling.

The city turned slowly on its left side, but the eyes of the house remained closed, and the bridges unclasped. The ragpicker worked in silence and never looked at anything that was whole. His eyes sought the broken, the worn, the faded, the fragmented. A complete object made him sad. What could one do with a complete object? Put it in a museum. Not touch it. But a torn paper, a shoelace without its double, a cup without saucer, that was stirring. They could be transformed, melted into something else. A twisted piece of pipe. Wonderful, this basket without a handle. Wonderful, this bottle without a stopper. Wonderful, the box without a key. Wonderful, half a dress, the ribbon off a hat, a fan with a feather missing. Wonderful, the camera plate without the camera, the lone bicycle wheel, half a phonograph disk. Fragments, in complete worlds, rags, detritus, the end of objects, and the beginning of transmutations...inside the shack rags. Rags for beds. Rags for chairs. Rags for tables. On the rags men, women, brats. Inside the women more brats. Fleas. Elbows resting on an old shoe. Head resting on a stuffed deer whose eyes hung loose on a string...

The brats sitting in the mud are trying to make an old shoe float like a boat. The woman cuts her thread with half a scissor. The ragpicker reads the newspaper with broken specs. The children go to the fountain with leady pails. When they lime back the pails are empty. The ragpickers crouch around the contents of their bags. Nails fall out. A roof tile. A signpost with letters missing...

The ragpickers are sitting around a fire made of broken shutters, window frames, artificial beards, chestnuts, horses tails, last year’s holy palm leaves. The cripple sits on the stump of his torso, with his stilts beside him. Out of the shacks and the gypsy carts come the women and the brats.

Can’t one throw anything away forever? I asked.

The ragpicker laughs out of the corner of his mouth, half a laugh, a fragment of a laugh, and they all begin to sing.

First came the breath of garlic which they hang like little red chinese lanterns in their shacks, the breath of garlic followed by a serpentine song:

Nothing is lost but it changes
Into the new string old string
In the new bag old bag
In the new pan old tin
In the new shoe old leather
In the new silk old hair
In the new hat old straw
In the new man the child
And the new not new
The new not new
The new not new.

Anaïs Nin (Ragtime, 1944


it's in his blood~

Art is running through his blood, following in his mommy's footsteps~

Zackery's first art card! He can look at anything & draw it freehand...amazing...I wish I could do that~

Zack is 9 ...what a sweet little man he is~


I wrestled with...should I, or shouldn't I!? where to go with my blog......do I keep this an art blog only, or blog about my life & art!? ....do I share with you my family vacation or will you be bored with them?

This blog sometimes takes on a life of it's own, so I have decided for now, art & life sounds good to me, hopefully I won't be boring you ;) Here are a few pics from our 2 months of our crazy, wild vacation ...I swear my hubby has gypsy in his blood, he just wants to be on the road all the time, drives me crazy...I love to travel.... but with 2 kids a dog (we had to sneak into hotels) a husband who wants to speed at 95 miles an hour where ever we go, gets to be a lil' too much for me & living out of a suitcase that long is pretty much insane! but I do miss it... a little~

This is my sweet family that inspires me~