I wrestled with...should I, or shouldn't I!? where to go with my blog......do I keep this an art blog only, or blog about my life & art!? ....do I share with you my family vacation or will you be bored with them?

This blog sometimes takes on a life of it's own, so I have decided for now, art & life sounds good to me, hopefully I won't be boring you ;) Here are a few pics from our 2 months of our crazy, wild vacation ...I swear my hubby has gypsy in his blood, he just wants to be on the road all the time, drives me crazy...I love to travel.... but with 2 kids a dog (we had to sneak into hotels) a husband who wants to speed at 95 miles an hour where ever we go, gets to be a lil' too much for me & living out of a suitcase that long is pretty much insane! but I do miss it... a little~

This is my sweet family that inspires me~
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