it's in his blood~

Art is running through his blood, following in his mommy's footsteps~

Zackery's first art card! He can look at anything & draw it freehand...amazing...I wish I could do that~

Zack is 9 ...what a sweet little man he is~


kathywas said...

I am absolutely amazed over the talent of your son! Not only am I impressed with the quality of his artwork, but also with his wonderful combination of colors that he used! His amazing talent seems to run in the family. Like mother...like son!!

Maija said...

Awesome, keep it up Zack!

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi Izabella! Beautiful work by you son. Very impressive. Happy to see that you are back! It looks like you had an amazing time!

Jim said...

Very well done for a 9 year old! I too especially like his use of color and I also am impressed with his sense of design. Jim