Love for Lisa~

this is my friend Lisa who passed away just recently, yesterday would have been her 35th birthday~

she has left behind a sweet little girl, Taylor who is 10 years old...I wanted to share some websites that are holding fundraisers for a few different things...but the one I would love for you to check out, is funds that will go directly to sweet Taylor~the money will go for Taylor's upbringing and education. Any Bank of America will take donations for Love for Lisa. Some mail it to her direct address 5139 Trevi Place NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114

Also I wanted to mention ...the art doll bodice that I have for auction on ebay....portions of the proceeds are being donated to Taylor~ http://www.velvet-rooms.com



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kathywas said...

What a sad story! It's always upsetting to lose someone so near and dear to our hearts, but it's even harder when someone so young is taken away from us. I think your art doll is a wonderful tribute to her, and I for one, am keeping a close eye on your auction. I hope that it brings you the extraordinary results that it rightly deserves!