Life changing~

My mind is still reeling from Artfest, it's been 9 days since I have been home & I just unpacked my bags last night!

The whole artfest experience was something to behold, it is beyond what words can describe, a million different feelings, so many emotions, artists, teachers, new friends. I still haven't comprehended all of it, but enjoying every new baby step I am taking, not knowing where it will lead, is the best part, exciting & scary at the same time~

I was pondering why I was feeling so blue, on my return home, it brought back memories of camp in grade school, the comradery of your fellow student, the sharing of new experiences, the journey of it all, then comes the last day, the time to leave this new loved environment & all you can do is hold your new friends tightly & a kiss them on the cheek, and whisper in their ear.....until next time, crying when you turn away.

Coming home for me, was awkward & uncomfortable, not a single soul to share your discoveries, they look at you with this glazed look over their eyes, trying to understand, but they can't. I have came to the realization, that "my tribe" is somewhere else, a gathering of like minded souls, so.... I await patiently for next year, to be with my people again~

I walked away from Artfest with so much, filling my heart & soul to the brim, not knowing where art is leading me, or if my art will change, but I do know it was worth every penny I saved, to get there~

I can't wait to get back into my art & try the new techniques I learned~

Check out www.teeshamoore.com for info on artfest~


Chel said...

Bella! A beautiful post! I am thrilled that your trip was so satisfying.

xoxo - Chel

SupComTabz said...

Visiting from BE - love the design! :)