Keith Lo Bue~

Have I ever shared why I am so awed by Keith Lo Bue?!

A lil' over a year ago, I never knew art really existed, well, in museums & such, but it was NOT at all a part of my life. One day I was at a tag sale, in Seattle, and I came across a magazine called "Somerset" ( a back issue) which I had never seen before~ when I came home, the first page I opened to was the most amazing art I have ever laid my eyes upon...I read the article & gazed on the images of Keith's work, I was so moved by his art, it brought me to tears, I was literally sobbing...not sure why at that time, but later discovered why.

I immediately went to the computer, hoping to find something about this man's work, I found his website, and again was blown away & overwhelmed by all his work! I was crying uncontrollably....it was the most amazing, awakening website I have ever seen~ from that moment on, I was distangled I was AWAKE! it was as if I were sleeping all these years, my eyes were opened to a whole new world~the vintage feel of the sad souls in his art, the past, the future, the now, the process, the detailing, the dissection, the categorizing, it was unmistakable evidence, plain & coherant.....it was all reeling around in my head. What was I doing! nothing! to represent a part of my living here on earth, I couldn't sleep that night & practically every night since...I dreamt of all the images I saw, I dreamt of creating my own art~

The next day I went out on my first art journey, I bought so much stuff, I didn't know what I needed, what I was buying, I just knew I HAD to create something! I started with paper, and have been creating paper art ever since.....collages, artist trading cards, altered books, altered anything! my life will never be the same!

This last month I was able to finally meet Keith at Artfest, I wanted my first art class to be with him, since it only be fitting, that he, in reality was the first to introduce me to this art world! not personally but through, what it now my favorite magazine Somerset~ Well his class is indescribable, and I left his class with a great knowledge & priceless information, in which he freely shares. He is funny, silly & loves teaching & he feels like a long lost friend you haven't seen for a long while~

So now you know a little....why I am in awe of Keith, it brings me to next chapter of the story. The first time I layed eyes upon a neckpiece he created, that was on his website, I immediatley fell in love with it & new I wanted it. While at Artfest, Keith let me touch & gaze upon the art pieces, he so lovingly created.. holding them in my hands was indiscribable, I was shaking like a leaf, afraid I would drop one. I told him which one I wanted, he just stared at me for a second not saying anything, then he said "Oh Izabella! I had decided, if this one didn't sell in the states this time, I was going to donate it to a museum!" Then I was speechless! we hugged. It is the most intricate, beautiful, womanly piece I ever seen. When I first saw the piece, it reminded me of womens' womb, ovaries, I thought this is crazy I would think of that...but when I bought it, Keith mentioned "ovarian" I wasn't thinking crazy at all, I am on the same page as he ;)

To me it is just money for him, but I have an amazing & priceless piece of his art forever to hand down to my family. It was a bittersweet feeling. I am forever indebted to him for the introduction to art which has changed my life, he has no idea how I feel, but in no way could I ever repay someone who has made my life feel......like I actually feel alive for the first time and for a reason, not just to create art, but that it has opened up my eyes to so many emotions, healing & restoration in my life. Making something is just plain theraputic & creating with your hands is such a gratification....I just can't explain it~

pics of the beautiful neck piece "What Is Not Forbidden"

also thanks to JoAnnA for lending me some pics of Keith!

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