Artfest~Keith Lo Bue

Here are a few pics from Artfest, that I managed NOT to delete from my camera! I lost tons of them~

Pictures of the lovely Keith Lo Bue in his kilt ...and oh! those cozy sweaters, he is just like a teddy bear, you just want to cuddle up in his sweaters!! :) His classes are beyond words, you just can't describe it, you have to experience it firsthand...it was ab~soul~utly magical....if you comprehend it...I could tell some people didn't understand the whole concept that he was teaching. A genius mind he has!! and the sweetest, down to earth guy, a rare gem he is~

I met some amazing talented artists & teachers at Artfest & ladies that were in Keith's classes, I have lost many email addresses of people that I wanted to keep in touch with, if you are reading this & we exchanged emails, pleaz oh pleaz email me ;)

The other pics are of the James House, where I stayed~ heavenly!

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