Last night I was looking through the Legacy magazine & just about to put it away, it flipped open to the last page, how shocking it was to see my art on the page!! I forgot all about Chel, (founder of ZNE) mentioned she was going to use my art for the ZNE ad~

When I was thumbing through the mag...I was pondering, like I have been for a year now...wanting to send something in, to get published...you know that inner critic always yelling in my ear...your art isn't good enough, nobody would publish your art, your art sucks....ya know I really love her (my inner critic) I am always trying to prove her wrong! ;)

Thanks Chel for using my art!!!

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Chel said...

You are so welcome Dearest one, though really the thanks go to YOU for giving me permission to use that wonderful piece (which is also highlighted in The ZNE Zine!).

Love you!

xo - Chel