A new altered book~

I really do need to get back into creating some art! Life has just consumed every extra minute of creating time...everytime I go to my work table, the phone rings, the kids need something, the realtor calls, a neighbor comes over, or the laundry starts calling my name! And today I will be doing bills more than half the day!! When do I ever get some me time!? I have to go dig out a bombshelter beneath my house with padlocks to lock myself in! I sometimes wonder if it is selfish to want to just be alone.

I have this new altered book pictured in my mind.....I want to start creating it today. Maybe I can finish it time for the website. Although ebay has done me well...the most I sold one for, was $380.00 and that was my first altered book...it was so shocking. I still got crap from family...."What is anyone going to use it for?" "Why do people buy these?" "Seems like a big waste of time!"

I really want this art business to take off, but I have no extra time! My website should be done soon & I was planning to have a bunch of art to sell & I have nothing! Well, I guess I need to go back to the no sleep routine...and kick some butt, "stay up all night & drink coffee all day!" Speaking of coffee, I haven't had my morning brew. I am on the last scoops of vanilla bean ice cream, I better get to the store today.....see....there is another thing I have to do today! DANG IT!!

Wanted to update on my chocolate experiment...will do that later today or tommorrow :)


Illyria Jones said...

What's an altered book?

Izabella said...

Halo! altered book, a picture of an altered book that I made is in the photo above. They are so fun to make...take a regular reading book.... paint, glue, collage, journal, etc...into or on the book & waaalah! a book that has been altered :) Thanks for the note!

Illyria Jones said...

Thanks for the creative idea!