P@#$#dd off !!!!!

Ok it is official rant day for me!!! I am beyond furious! Here's the scene...
"what do you do all day?" "why are you on the computer so much?" "why do you waste your time with art?" "Does it make you money?" I could go on...What the hell is going on in my life I'd like to know....my usual peaceful life is full of too many demands on me, just because I started doing things for myself. I take care of my kids, exceptionally well! I don't even swear around the house (fun to say swear words here though) Here is a day in my life to answer the question..."what do you do all day?'
~Get up early to get breakfast ready
~Do loads of laundry
~Clean up dishes, breakfast lunch & dinner
~Clean the whole house continually all day long, picking up after the kids, remember this is a HUGE house to clean! vacumn, dust, make beds, wash windows,gosh sounds like I am the maid
~answer phone calls, pertaining to house & business
~answer voice mails, pertaining to business
~clean the pool
~pay the bills 3 times a month @ 1/2 a day each time, cuz I am interputed a million times
~get the house ready for company, at least 4 times a month! sick of living in Vegas
~grocery shop in 120 degree heat, then load it, then bring it in the house, then unpack it..usually have the whole back of my truck full...and only organic for my family, which I pay heck for buying such expensive food.
~Give the kids there baths, get them ready for bed, read them stories, take the kids where they need to go, school, friends houses...so tired of kids stories, kids movies, kids, kids, kids, kids,kids,kids...slap me!
~Get the mail, sort the mail, it's not your normal mail...I am talking TONS of mail, it takes 1/2 hour to get through it.
~Help Zack with homework nightly (when in school)
~make lunches for school, make sure Zack has everything organized for school every night
~the list could go on & on & on....

Ok, I think that is enough ranting on that...I feel a little better, I am not lazy & I am a good mom...gosh is there any time in there for me, maybe some friends? maybe a girl night out? maybe a babysitter? maybe some yoga? maybe some art time? NOT!!!

I also think it is the chocolate experiment that has made me want to rip off heads! I don't usually do sugar, and have been excessively eating chocolate, to find out if it releases the chemical phenylethlamine,the good feelings when we are in love, in my system. They also say women crave chocolate before and during menustration & menopause & is high in polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. Well it seems it has only released ab~soul~ute rage within! But I'll try some more later! :)

Kay, I am off to drink some coffee & ohhh answer the damn phone that is ringing!


Chandira said...

Great rant! I love it.. You go girl.. Chocolate rocks.. ;-)

Ghone said...

Mmm.... chocolate!

Izabella said...

I did have some chocolate in my decaf coffee...I do feel much better than this morning!! Thanks for the comments!!!! xoxo

RagDoll said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere and Blog Explosion!

I look forward to seeingyour blog progress, I love your topics already! Creative things, kidlets, Harleys and classic cars!

Maryrose said...

Was this question from your husband? Wouldn't it be lovely if you could switch jobs. Then after a week or two ask him the same question he asked you. He would probably be so frazzled he couldn't think straight. :-)

tisjewel said...

Iz, OMG, you're right, our DH's are soooo alike! His Qs to me are practically the same, "why do you do it?" "you seem to be spending more money while making art than generating it" "is it worth it?" "all you do is sit at home all day, and all I asked is for you to do one thing..." sigh... don't you just love our DHs especially when they DON'T KNOW how it is for us REALLY?