My mansion~

Today is clean up day again! It seems whenever I get a plan for the day, I receive a call from a realtor, they want to come show the house! It would be fine, if the kids would keep things picked up...I am so tired of picking up millions of lil' toys all day long, and they are in every room! Oh, well, the positive side, at least I have the cutest kids to pick up after :)

I wish the maids could come everyday, but for now I have them for once a month, so I can still get my "cleaning workout excercise plan" seems the only way I get some excercise these days.

So I am off to clean this monstrosity of a house...I love this house, but I hate to admit it, but it is just too small. I need more rooms, one for a big office, an art room, a play room, and another guest room would be perfect. And the backyard...that's another story, it's all pool, not really any place for the kids to play in the yard. The side yard is too skinny with a big tree in the middle of it. Funny how I am never satisfied....well, I am most of the time, but I new this house was an investment, not my dream home, but on the way to it!

I better get cleaning, they will be here in a couple hours~

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