Not sure why!

Not sure, why I started a blog.

Not sure why I even care.

Not sure if I will ever tell anyone it is here.

Not sure if anyone would even care to read it.

Just not sure today.


Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hi- Well, I care! I'm an artist and writer who has two blogs. It's great to see another artist out in the blogosphere.

I enjoy seeing your artwork. It's a distinct style that is cool. I work in a variety of medium. It looks like you work in some mixed media? I do, too, plus pastel painting, photography, and jewelry design.

Welcome to blogland! :)

Izabella said...

Halo green~eyed lady! I have green eyes too! :) Thanks for visiting... I am going to go take a peek at your lovely work right now~