Ok...I am obsessed with reading blogs online! I finally realized last night....it is more interesting reading about other peoples lives, than watching tv. Now I know I am not crazy! Not that I ever did....but dang there is some fricken whacko's out there!

I found subjects on life in general, happy & sad. Non important random yacking, bored housewives, dad's, singles, married couples....just yacking in the dead air of online craziness....oh I LOVE IT!!!! It is better than reality tv. I even found some famous peoples blogs, which were even more intriguing~

So I must admit I am awed by it all, and all the mundane writings. So I guess I will continue to blog & see what the heck it becomes in my life, some fun time, just to write stupid things or to be absent from the kids for a lil' while. I think these are boring writings, but hey, I guess I am kindof a boring person these days! Although I believe I am at the edge of some great things, ya know the calm before the storm!? Mostly because of the resistance from my family about my art, they just don't get my art, and can be really mean about it sometimes. It makes me have a burning passion to create, even more!!!

Anyways, back to real life, the kids are staving, so I better go make some lunch & then back to reading blogs about someone else's, crazy life!

P.S. This is a photo of some crazy guy!! No relation!!! Cracks me up every time I see it!

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Hanne said...

Hi Izabella - sounds a little hard for you, the family doesn´t appreciate what you are doing. Is it really so? I wonder why some people can feel uneasy about other people following their hearts and creativeness? I mean, I would be worried if you were into some bad company - but creative buisiness - what´s the problem? Just want to encourage you to go on - you sertainly have a talent!