I miss my friend~

My friend took off for vacation, and we usually chat online 2~3 times a day, she is my support, my art friend, & my inspiration.....I miss chatting with her, not even sure when they were returning, they were going to the ocean....aaaaahhhhh love the ocean, it is one of the best places to be on earth, something about the ocean air, the humidity in the summer & love to walk barefoot in the sand....ohhhh wish I could be there.

I can't believe you could have such a good friend from chatting online, I feel like she is a best friend & we only met once, in person. Hmmmm, so strange, I guess that is what the soul is for....our soul knows who is good.

She is one of my favorite artists, I feel in love with her art on ebay. I still want to buy every one of her art pieces!!!

I hope she gets home soon, I am going crazy not talking with her.

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