Blog explosion

OK....last night my blog was accepted on "blog explosion" I am scared out my wits! Not really sure how the whole site works..with all the talk of "credits & auto assigned traffic?" I am going to have to read up on all the details.....so I guess I may have some visitors to my blog, will see. I am nervous as all heck about that, didn't start the blog for visitors, but it felt silly just writing letters into cyberspace. Anyways, excited to see what happens!

Last night I stayed up until 1 in the morning, can't remember the last time I did that...I am usually in bed by 11 at the latest...cuz I love to wake up early when the sun is rising, which I never used to, I always hated to get up early. I guess when you start getting older, you want to get in as much as you can in a whole day. Although I have been contemplating not even sleeping anymore, gosh, all the things you could get done in 24 hours, if you didn't have to sleep!!! I once heard that Donald Trump only sleeps 4 hours a night, I can see that! That's how he's been so successful, but I wonder if sleep deprivation has clouded his mind?

Well, I am off to clean up the kitchen, we had a huge barbeque last night with some more people who came to town to visit....I am sick of all the visitors, but last night was actually fun.

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