I've been tagged..by Rande

I was starting to feel a little left out, not being tagged ;) Rande tagged me http://r2artstudio.typepad.com/ love her blog!

It's been fun reading everyone's 6 weird things, although I haven't read anything too weird! actually...I find I have alot in common with everyone! so maybe we are all weird & we don't even know how weird we are!? ;)

My 6 weird things about me~ I have to include this one, although, that makes it seven...I have always wanted to live in a gothic castle with red velvet curtains, filled with antique/gothic furnitures, huge chandeliers, huge candleobras everywhere with wax dripping all over the floors & tables, and hold masquarade & elegant dinner parties.

1~ I love Miss Me jeans, it's hard to find jeans for my size, so when I find a pair I love I buy an over abundance of them...like 5-10 pairs! cuz I know I won't find them next season.

2. At night when I am going to bed, I turn out the lights in my bedroom & I will jump in when I get close to the bed, because I think "something" is under there! how ridiculous is that! (I don't think I have ever told anyone that one)

3. I wear my hair up everyday.

4. I don't leave my house without makeup, because I think I may run into someone I know.

5. Before I cook, I close all the doors to the rooms & closets, and light up yummy smelling candles in each room, because I can't stand the smell of cooked food in my clothes, towels, comforters etc....although I won't shut the doors when I am cooking sweet smelly things, like cookies and cakes.

6. I don't feel like an adult.

whoever reads this....YOUR TAGGED , if you want to join in ;)


Sombra said...

I like your answers...
You know what? I've always wanted to live in an old goth castle just like the one you describe! You and I could dance together at a masquerade ball :-)

I don't like the smell of cooking in my clothes either, or in my hair! This is weird, I can't stand the smell of cold food from the fridge. It makes me gag.

I definitely do not feel like an adult either!

I can't be tagged though cause I already did this one...;-)

Have a Great Day, Bella!

Anonymous said...

I think being an adult is highly overrated!

Anonymous said...

Izabella, I think your comments are the weirdest I've read so far!

Which is actually a compliment, because I think you've been the most honest.

Margaret (made_maka at ZNE)

Anonymous said...

Okay, Izabella, I take it back. Sombra's six things are MUCH weirder than yours!

Margaret again