It's official~

I haven't wanted to share the news, until I knew for sure...the book by Bernie Berlin "Artists Trading Cards Workshop" will officially be in stores by December 5th...Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc...I am excited to announce that my art is in the book!! oh my... I can't believe I am actually writing this, my art is in a book & in a real book store!!! (thank you Bernie for believing in me & allowing me to be included in this project!!)

I haven't seen the book yet, so I am not sure which art cards were used, although Bernie mentioned...it looked as though they used 6 out of the 7, that I submitted. All of the artists' were given different techniques to experiment..... so I wasn't too happy with the way my art cards turned out, since it wasn't my usual style, but I had fun experimenting with the new techniques & I learned some new tricks from the experience~ You can buy the book from Bernie's blog, which will help in supporting her animal shelter! the link is in the lower right hand sidebar http://aplacetobark.blogspot.com/ oh my gosh!! I just went to amazon to get a pic of the book, so I could add it to my blog post & amazon just added "search inside this book" and oh my!!! there is a pic of my art there!! I am shaking!! does this mean I can really call myself a real artist now!!!??? ;) you can see it here... http://tinyurl.com/y3lnf9 xoxo!!
added note~
Today I just received a lovely note from my friend Andrew, in New Jersey :) http://tinyurl.com/yfqand
he bought the book yesterday!! He said I have 6 art cards in the book! I was so excited to hear the book was out, I ran up to Barnes & Noble...can't believe I was going to the book store to buy a book that has some of my art in it...but mostly excited to see all the art from the other artists, that I admire. But sad to say it isn't here in Vegas yet, so still anxiously awaiting to see the book! xoxo
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