Here I am procrastinating again...I should be doing bills, cleaning my house, wrapping Christmas presents, but here I am wanderlusting blogs~

Earlier, I was googling for a specific something & found a surprize....people talking about me on the internet! ...then I decided to google my name, my blog name, and some other sites that I have, so far nothing bad about me but...oh my ... what you can find on the internet!

I wanted to share...go google your name or your blog name & see who is talking about you, or who is linking you, it's rather kind of odd, like spying, but exhilirating at the same time~

Looky what I found...it was rather startling to read, especially since I never have received an email from them..............

"I love all kinds of blogs too, Ann. I love BlogExplosion, though I haven’t been out there for a while now. I love the stunning surprises — sites like Izabella’s Tattered Letters that give a window into the work of an unknown (so far) but nonetheless fascinating artist."by: Joe Snitty

"Every now and then... I come across something on the 'Net that I find inspirational. So Izabella's tattered letters showed up while I was playing on the BE Blog Rocket, and I immediately halted everything else.The artwork on this site is totally amazing. I was taken aback by both the beauty... and the haunting emotions it has given to me. So please check it out... I believe I found another daily read to peruse... so hopefully you'll agree." by pile of dog bones

Not that I agree with what they are saying...I feel like I am just a lil artist, hiding out in my house, but gosh they think I am good, that's inspiring....I don't even get encouraging notes like that from my family :)

so go check it out!! xo!

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