Angel's amoung us~

It's 2 am...can't sleep...dang barista! this is the 3rd time she has done this........grande, DECAF, latte pleaz...that was 8 hours ago & I am wide awake.... last time this happened I was up till dawn~ so I'll make the best of it ;)

In the previous post, I wrote about almost getting wiped out by that semi..... since then I have been thinking alot about incidents in my past, of how protected I have been,......so I thought I would share this story, which I have never told a single soul, except for the 8 who experienced it also, I really don't enjoy talking about my childhood dayz..... but I am only sharing because I would love to hear about others' encounters with their guardian angel or knew that God protected them from danger~ so here's just one of my lil stories.

I was 13. Nine of us where packed in my friends 69 fastback mustang, we were heading for a party in Ravensdale, where hundred's of people would fill the woods with bonfires, kegs of beer, loud music, just pure sodom & gommorah atmosphere.

I was squished in the middle of the backseat, holding tightly to the half drank bottle of Jack Daniels, breathing in the smells of cloves & weed, the smoke so thick it burned my eyes. The music was so loud, no one could hear each other, so we all sat there drinking, smoking, being fooled this was a great time.

E started driving very fast, he turned up the music louder & lit up another clove cigarette. Thinking to myself, I can't wait until I can drive a car. E started passing cars, I glanced at the speedometer... 120... that was as high as the numbers went. We were in a hurry to get to the party, it was already midnight (a 13 year old girl out at midnight, smoking & drinking~ makes me sick to my stomach)

I wondered if we were going faster than 12o. Up ahead I saw headlights, I started thinking this was kind of scary going this fast & E was swerving all over the road. But I took another drink. The headlights got closer & E was in the oncoming lane, heading right for the other car. The music was blaring...can you believe it...ACDC "highway to hell." I yelled at E, but nobody could hear me, I was thinking, can't anyone else see what's going to happen!? The lights were so close....I closed my eyes & said "God, I don't want to die!" I opened my eyes, the headlights were right in front of us, E slammed on the brakes....I closed my eyes again waiting for the sounds of smashing glass & crushing metal. I looked up again, horrified, waiting to be blasted through the front windshield from the impact...but there was no crash... the headlights split in two & went on both sides of the car, I watched in confusion of what just happened, I turned around to look out the back window, I could see the red tail lights on either side of the road....it was two motorcyles~

I knew God heard me that night, I felt guilty....I told Him I would quit drinking some day~

I wrote a little about my last dayz of drinking, back in May, click this link, if you feel like reading

Do you have a story to share?

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