Angel's amoung us~

It's 2 am...can't sleep...dang barista! this is the 3rd time she has done this........grande, DECAF, latte pleaz...that was 8 hours ago & I am wide awake.... last time this happened I was up till dawn~ so I'll make the best of it ;)

In the previous post, I wrote about almost getting wiped out by that semi..... since then I have been thinking alot about incidents in my past, of how protected I have been,......so I thought I would share this story, which I have never told a single soul, except for the 8 who experienced it also, I really don't enjoy talking about my childhood dayz..... but I am only sharing because I would love to hear about others' encounters with their guardian angel or knew that God protected them from danger~ so here's just one of my lil stories.

I was 13. Nine of us where packed in my friends 69 fastback mustang, we were heading for a party in Ravensdale, where hundred's of people would fill the woods with bonfires, kegs of beer, loud music, just pure sodom & gommorah atmosphere.

I was squished in the middle of the backseat, holding tightly to the half drank bottle of Jack Daniels, breathing in the smells of cloves & weed, the smoke so thick it burned my eyes. The music was so loud, no one could hear each other, so we all sat there drinking, smoking, being fooled this was a great time.

E started driving very fast, he turned up the music louder & lit up another clove cigarette. Thinking to myself, I can't wait until I can drive a car. E started passing cars, I glanced at the speedometer... 120... that was as high as the numbers went. We were in a hurry to get to the party, it was already midnight (a 13 year old girl out at midnight, smoking & drinking~ makes me sick to my stomach)

I wondered if we were going faster than 12o. Up ahead I saw headlights, I started thinking this was kind of scary going this fast & E was swerving all over the road. But I took another drink. The headlights got closer & E was in the oncoming lane, heading right for the other car. The music was blaring...can you believe it...ACDC "highway to hell." I yelled at E, but nobody could hear me, I was thinking, can't anyone else see what's going to happen!? The lights were so close....I closed my eyes & said "God, I don't want to die!" I opened my eyes, the headlights were right in front of us, E slammed on the brakes....I closed my eyes again waiting for the sounds of smashing glass & crushing metal. I looked up again, horrified, waiting to be blasted through the front windshield from the impact...but there was no crash... the headlights split in two & went on both sides of the car, I watched in confusion of what just happened, I turned around to look out the back window, I could see the red tail lights on either side of the road....it was two motorcyles~

I knew God heard me that night, I felt guilty....I told Him I would quit drinking some day~

I wrote a little about my last dayz of drinking, back in May, click this link, if you feel like reading

Do you have a story to share?


Janet said...

I just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog....and I'm so glad I did. Your blog is gorgeous! And your artwork is just beautiful. I love it. I see that you're published, too. How exciting is that!

I do believe in guardian angels, and I'm happy that you were spared that night because otherwise we would have been deprived of a wonderfal talent. I will visit again.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Izabella, you weren't meant to leave us just yet.
God is always with us!
He especially loves the bad-asses. No worries, we all have our own stories. You are not alone.
Well, I just love this blog!!!
Love it!! Visually it is stunning and each time I am here I learn a little more about you.

Anonymous said...

Bella, I believe in guardian angels. The strongest assurance I’ve ever had of their presence, however, was not during a life-threatening moment such as a car accident or other brush with death. In my case, it had to do with the moment when I knew without a doubt that my marriage was over. There had been a slow unraveling of the relationship for years. He’d leave, come back; leave, come back. And I was too much of a wuss to tell him to stay gone. I had two small children and was a stay-at-home mom with no confidence in my ability to take care of them financially, and I truly believed that God had ordained that marriage be forever. Probably the biggest factor though was simply that I’d had the spirit beaten out of me. So I kept tolerating what were absolutely intolerable conditions until late one evening, ironically July 4, Independence Day. I had taken the children to see the fireworks alone, come back home and tucked them into bed. Sometime later, he returned from wherever he’d been all day. We argued. Then in the middle of all those heated words, I realized that this was ground we’d been going over for years, and I had nothing else to say on the subject. Nor did I want to listen. I turned around and walked away, went back to bed. He came in, took some clothes, left, and this time—don’t ask me how—I knew there would be no coming back. I was scared, sick to my stomach from the hollow ache in my belly. Every muscle contracted, froze into place. Even in the July heat, I was cold clear through to the bone, a visceral reaction to the fear I felt about the future, about my kids’ futures, about whether or not I had what it took to turn my life around and make it something it had never been. Then as I lay there on my side, I became aware of a presence behind me, as if someone had curled around me, spooning fashion. The heat of that presence began to warm me, and my muscles began to relax. I stopped shivering. There came a sensation of being wrapped, enveloped in warmth, of arms coming from behind to give me a reassuring and comforting hug...except I believe they were angel wings, drawing me near, embracing me, gently dispelling every fear, and surrounding me with total peace. At that moment, I knew I had been touched, and blessed. I knew I wasn’t alone, nor did I have to face the future alone.

I am so glad your angel kept watch over you during that frightening experience, Bella. I believe that our angels are with us still, and that when our hurt or need is so strong as to be painful, we can lean back and rest in the protection of angel wings.

Anonymous said...

Bella, thank you for your comments on my blog. The beautiful thing is how wonderful all of that has turned out for me. It’s not to say it’s always been easy, but over the years I’ve been given blessings upon blessings that I could not have imagined in that moment of despair. Maybe that guardian angel encounter wasn’t a “brush with death,” but it was a kind of spiritual rebirth for me, which you also seemed to encounter in your angel experience.