"Artwords" has a challenge this week, to create something about ...dreams~

I rarely dream, but this particular theme was right in my face....

Nightmares are terrifying dreams; dreams in which our worst fears are brought to life in fully convincing detail. Whatever horrors you personally believe to be the worst things that could happen—these are the most likely subjects of your nightmares. All people, in every age and culture have suffered from these terrors of the night. People's understanding of the origins of nightmares has varied as much as their understanding of dreams. To some cultures, nightmares were the true experiences of the soul as it wandered another world as the body slept. To others, they were the result of the visitation of demons. Indeed, the word nightmare comes from the Anglo-Saxon mare, for goblin or incubus. (An incubus is a demon who comes in the night.)

13 years ago...I fought a huge hideous demon monster in my room....I awoke one night to something breathing spit onto my face, I opened my eyes & this hairy monster with jagged teeth was consuming my whole room, the stench coming from it was nauseating....I have only told a few people the details of this dream as it is quite graphic, bloody & a very long story, so I'll just tell a lil'.....

I fought this monster with a crucifix that was next to my bed, stabbing it & screaming & crying bible verses at it, begging it to leave me!! it growled, snarled, knashed it's teeth & swore profanities at me!!...... it was horrible...I won't tell anymore about the fighting, it makes me shake to think about it....when I did awake, that filthy, vile monster was gone, was I really asleep is what I was wondering, because I was sore & sweating like I had been in a real fight, and I noticed the crucifix that was on my bed table was on the floor.

Back then my life was full of drinking & clubs mostly every night....after that dream...I never wanted to taste alcohol again & I never set foot in another club or bar...I realized a couple weeks after that dream....I fought a real demon that night...it's name was Alcohol~

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