so here I am~

Here I am again...home sweet home, bittersweet to be home~ missing the oceans blue, the cooler weather, fresh squeezed lemonade & sweet conversations with my family & friends.

So here I am trying to get back into the swing of things, after being away for 2 months, wondering in which direction to take my art & my blog....(thinking out loud to my invisible ghost friends) ..... really not sure where I want all of this to go. I haven't done art these past months, but dream about it & seem to have lost inspiration, maybe just scared to try my hand at it again, thinking maybe I lost it~

So for now.. my goal is to at least create something this week, so bear with me if in the next few weeks, is just a time for me to vent...I have often thought of creating an anonymous blog, where no one would know who I am & just type away & vent vent vent!! maybe even swear a little ;)

until next time...xoxo!!

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