Reading Misty Mawns' blog http://mistyeyedart.blogspot.com/ she is requesting to hear our silly/true confessions....I can't resist telling ;)

my much younger days~

me, my sister & friends used to drive to a busy market or shopping mall, park in the front, turn on the music in the car & just watch people...have you ever watched someone walking with music?! sometimes it puts a whole new light on these crazy creatures we see everyday, what an amazing sight to see, such a miraculous creation, the human being, each person is a walking story~

On other occassions when we would be extremely bored, we would go buy a bunch of purses at the thrift store (back when thrift stores where dirt cheap) also we would buy fake money.
We would close the purse with money sticking out of it & place the purse on street corners, park benches, phone booths, the middle of intersections ( we usually would just drive by & drop the purse) then park the car, wait & watch...after a while it started to be sad, seeing people so dissappointed that it was fake money & they would usually throw the purse down in anger....after a few dozen trys at our purse tricks, we decided to put real money in it~

to be continued .......

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kathywas said...

I enjoyed reading this, especially about the fake money gag. Hmmm...now were you one of those people who enjoyed glueing coins down on the sidewalk and watching people trying to pick them up??!!