a colorful day~

my printer is finally working...so I have had a lovely day creating colorful art~

5x7 canvas with abalone & seashells

rebire wire art doll chair~


Belinda said...

gorgeous and luscious colors! and i love the wired chairs.

Crystal said...

Oh my Izabella! If I ever need fresh inspiration remind me to come peruse your blog! The chair is amazing!!

JoAnnA said...

oh Bella...love this chair!!! It is amazing. You have created something really amazing my dear. Yes, I would trade an art doll for this :)

primdollie said...

WOW these pieces are fabulous and love the wire chair how fun!!!!!!!!! truly divine!!!!!! hugs Linda

Joyful House Farms said...

Bella, what a clever chair! So are you going to make an art doll to go with it? :)