tagged by Chel !!!

It finally happened...darn it, I got tagged...by Chel ZNE founder http://www.chelandzne.blogspot.com/

Only 5 things! That's going to be difficult to do.....

5 things~

In my fridge...
~soy milk, vanilla & chocolate
~Odwalla drinks
~Cabernet Sauvignon, non alcoholic wine
~organic fresh veggies

In my closet....
~jeans jeans & more jeans & black velvet dresses
~kippy rhinestone belts
~my library
~a couch
~boxes of old love letters...I really should burn them ;)

In my purse...
~my new "Guess" wallet, with too many credit cards
~organic gum
~cell phone
~3 pounds of change, I really must clean it out!

In my car....(Harley Davidson truck, yeeehaaaww!)
~New DVD player with movies for the kids
~art journal
~Rumi "The book of love"
~about 100 cds
~car seat & Koletens toys

hey.... that was kind of fun! Now the mean part...tag 5 more lovely people, hmmmm...it seems everyone I know has been tagged...except......
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Tia said...

you lil stinker!!! you got me. and yes this is my FIRST EVER TAG!!! Funny I was just thinking about that this morning how I have never been tagged. I was feeling kinda left out. Thanks sweets... Now I am off to do inventory for this... Hmm... Whatever shall I find???

JoAnnA said...

200 sq. ft. closet Bella...Hey, I could live in that...lots of practice!!! That could be a little art studio-a secret hideout for you :)

Glenda said...

You certainly never miss an opportunity to brag about what you have. Must be a certain sign of low self esteem.