creative morning~

All is quiet in my house this morning, couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a necklace for myself~ I have been dreaming of making a necklace with this vintage rosary I bought in Seattle, the week of Artfest~

I altered it dramatically with vintage beads & used an optical lense I bought off ebay. For the first attempt at making one of these... I am pretty satisfied with the finished piece...but wondering how to....not get bubbles in it!? any suggestions? although in person in looks as if she is under water...with water bubbles...maybe I'll try making mermaids next time :) xo


zorana said...

It looks absolutely beautiful as is but maybe a Xyron machine or double stick wide tape would help avoid the bubbles. Stunning!

Once Upon a Cottage said...

Hey Bella! I make lots of these cuz I think antique optician's lenses are sooo cool! I use Diamond Glaze and tap the top of the bottle before pouring which helps pop the bigger bubbles then I use a toothpick and swirl around in the glaze an pop any big bubbles. Love this piece!

Gypsy said...

Stunning! I have not tried my hand at this yet...but I own 4 from an artist! I love them! I just bought one for a friend!

Yours is beautiful!!!

JoAnnA said...

Oh Bella, when I saw this I was hoping to find it for sale on Ebay :) Sometimes we just need to keep or make something for ourselves. It is beautiful. Not sure what you used, but Keith told us when he uses resin, he then takes a lighter/match to it and it gets the bubbles out.