North Light Books~ Artist Trading Cards~ By Bernie Berlin

I have been keeping this a secret, until I knew for sure! But it is official! I received a letter a while ago, from North Light Books stating, Bernie Berlin is putting a wonderful book together with an array of other amazing artists....the book is called "Artist Trading Cards Workshop"~create~collect~swap. It is scheduled to be released near the end of this year!

Each artist was assigned 3 techniques...let me tell you..that was a challenge, using products & techniques I have never heard of, or dreamt about using in my art.

I am still in a state of shock that I was asked to participate in this project, it is such a thrill to imagine going to my favorite book store & seeing it sitting there on the shelf ready to buy!

So as of today, I just finished wrapping the package of art cards to send them on their journey....not sure if they will be used in the book, but will be hoping & praying they will be!

What a silly thing, I was in such a hurry to get them all wrapped up...I forgot to scan them...oh my gosh if they get lost! Oh Lord protect my lil' cards ;)

Also, I wanted to send a special thanks to you...Bernie for giving me this opportunity!!! Thank you for having faith in me that I could accomplish this task ;) xo Check out her new blog

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Tia M. Bailey said...

Awesome!!! Congrats and I know she will pick you!!!

Best wishes,