I finally got enough nerve to take my art to a small art gallery yesterday, in hopes they would like to jury me into their gallery...... there was no one there, except the lady who was working, perfect opportunity I thought....

We started talking about her art that she was creating (ab~soul~utley stunning!!) she was demonstrating her techniques & she asked if I was an artist...(I don't feel comfortable answering that yet) but I showed her some of my art, she looked at, and looked at some more, flipped the pages back & forth, put some of the pages practically to her nose, as to get a closer look, it seemed 5 minutes until she said something.....what are these!? are these originals? are these images, someone elses photos? did you take these photos yourself? I explained they are all vintage images, in which I painted the backgrounds & aged each piece with inks, stamped .....collaged. She DID NOT get my art...she just handed it back & said this isn't actually original art if you just cut things & glued them! OUCH! I then asked her, if she would like to keep one of my art cards......oh my, another stinging comment....I don't have any extra room in my purse! (her purse was huge!)

So that is my lil' rejection story of the day...I actually find it quite humorous, how some people can be so rude & ignorant, but I am ok with the rejection, my heart was guarded, I felt strong enough to actually bring my art out of my house yesterday, so I guess I was mentally prepared for a possible battle attack....... from the large & scary art gallery lady! :)

So that was yet another baby step in my art journey~rejection makes you stronger, right!?..... now I am off to the next adventure!
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