A silly horse story~

I made this art card a few months back, but today it brought back memories of a silly story from my past.......

5th grade, I was shy, scared & trying to fit in.

We had an art project. We had a week to complete it. We were to use clay.

At home, I thought long & hard, what was I going to create out of clay? I knew nothing of sculpture. Looking around my bedroom, I spotted my barbie horse...aaaahaaa, hmmmm, should I? no I shouldn't, hmmm, maybe? no one would ever know, no I can't.... yes I will! I covered the barbie horse in clay.

I turned the horse in at the end of the week. I saw my horse next to everyone else's sculptures, oh my gosh, mine is perfect! mine is the best! But wait....it is too perfect, I gulped, surely everyone would know. Everyone was awing my sculpture, praising my art piece....I felt sick.

The teacher came up to me & my sculpture, stared into my eyes & said loudly for the whole class to hear.... "You are a liar & a cheat!" and stabbed it lightly with her pencil, and then proceeded to scrape the clay off one whole side exposing the inside.....my barbie horse.

I wanted to die! I cried & ran out of the room. I wondered how she knew.

That was the beginning of 5th grade. I had the rest of the year to face that teacher every day, she hated me.
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