A silly horse story~

I made this art card a few months back, but today it brought back memories of a silly story from my past.......

5th grade, I was shy, scared & trying to fit in.

We had an art project. We had a week to complete it. We were to use clay.

At home, I thought long & hard, what was I going to create out of clay? I knew nothing of sculpture. Looking around my bedroom, I spotted my barbie horse...aaaahaaa, hmmmm, should I? no I shouldn't, hmmm, maybe? no one would ever know, no I can't.... yes I will! I covered the barbie horse in clay.

I turned the horse in at the end of the week. I saw my horse next to everyone else's sculptures, oh my gosh, mine is perfect! mine is the best! But wait....it is too perfect, I gulped, surely everyone would know. Everyone was awing my sculpture, praising my art piece....I felt sick.

The teacher came up to me & my sculpture, stared into my eyes & said loudly for the whole class to hear.... "You are a liar & a cheat!" and stabbed it lightly with her pencil, and then proceeded to scrape the clay off one whole side exposing the inside.....my barbie horse.

I wanted to die! I cried & ran out of the room. I wondered how she knew.

That was the beginning of 5th grade. I had the rest of the year to face that teacher every day, she hated me.


Jeff said...

Funny story...

Love your color scheme by the way...

Scrawler said...

Oooh, that was so mean! I'm sure there were other ways she could have dealt with that! Nasty piece of work...her not you, lol!

One With Cat said...

OOOOH! How heart wrenching! That's certainly something you'll never forget (along with the feelings, too)
I can really relate to those types of things with teachers and kids alike.

dementia said...

Gosh! That's awful That's so embarrassing :(

Nanno said...

But...if you think about it, you weren't cheating! You were collaging even then with found art! So, in my humble opinion, your art teacher didn't know enough about art to realize that was perfectly acceptable. :)

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