Praying for the victims~

Just got back from Carefree & Sedona Arizona...what a lovely place to visit. But actually cut it short. It is such a beautiful place, with gorgeous scenery. The Resort was a 5 star resort & I felt guilty as all heck, enjoying the gourmet meals & the unbelievably comfy bed with feather duvets & pillows. Had to leave early....I felt sick for all those people down south without a place to go home to, not a pillow to lay there head on.

I am going to donate money to the grieving families of Katrina, but I am going to be cautious. I wish I could get an apartment for just one family & fill it with comfy pillows, duvets, and gourmet food.....I think I might investigate doing something like that~

Praying for the Katrina families~

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