This is insane!

How could any one sleep with this above their head?! Well, my young son can :)
This is what I was hinting about a few notes ago...The artist finally finished painting it, the other day & it turned out better than expected!

This pour old dinosaur has been sitting in a friends back yard for over 2 years, being baked by the desert sun & was in desperate need of some repairs & paint touch up.

Our friend said we could have it, because he knows, my youngin' wants to be a palentologist, so he suggested if we wanted it, we could have it....how could I refuse.

Our new dinosaur friend came from a Discovery Store, in California, that was being remodeled.

Trying to get this enormous guy on the wall was insane! I wish I had the attempt on video, it could have won on America's funniest home video's.

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still life said...

Hi Izabella

I love it! What is that in it's mouth...a stole?