New project in the making~

Have talked with my sistah~ I believe we are going to attempt doing the bustier creations again! I am so excited, she said, she has 2 completed already. When I reopen my ebay store, I will feature her creations, along with some of my new ideas.

Many moons ago, we used to be quite famous in Seattle, are business name was "ARTAFAXX" we designed mainly bustiers, but for fashion shows, we made other clothing. We were featured in television & numerous media articles, movie, tv commercials, music video...it was quite exciting! Back in the day we designed some spectacular custom orders, that would go for anywhere from $150.00 to $500.00, so I can only imagine what they could go for now. Just the other day I saw some in Hollywood that were crap compared to the ones' we made & they wanted $350.00! So I am looking forward to this new venture with my sis.

I remember one time we were in planning for over a month for this huge show, we had 50 models prepared & fitted. The day of the show the owner of the club, called and said the liquor control board had just phoned him & said they were closing down our showing, until further notice! Who the heck were these idiots to do such a thing, after months of preparation, with hundreds of invitations sent out, media showing up, photographers, how would we ever contact all these people in a matter of 5 hours....NOT! Needless to say sis & I were devastated...but we got on the phone immediately to the liquor control board to find out what was there problem....well, they wanted to see pictures of our bustiers & photo's of our previous fashion shows...they somehow got wind we had minors for models (untrue) and it was going to be a nudy strip show! (untrue) so that evening after we had called all the models to not make an appearance, then we zipped down to Seattle to the club & sat at the doors handing out our newly made flyers "Cancelled by the State Liquor Control Board!"

So after a few weeks working out the kinks, we recent all the invitations, media, etc...the big night was going to happen! Well let me tell ya...that was a night to remember...all the talk of the "Artafaxx girls" show being cancelled, made it a real topic around town & people wanted to see what the fuss was all about...so when we showed up there was a line so long to get in hours before the show was to start, we couldn't see the end, people were pushing & shoving trying to sneak in the doors, when the models finally did get on stage, the photographers & media bombarded the stage, pushing & shoving, flash bulbs going off blinding them, they had no place to walk to the stage there were so many people, we had to try & push all these people out of the way so the models could get through & try to keep them on track & not get crushed by the mob of spectators & photographers. It was unbelievable, my sister & I were ready to pass out it was like a mosh pit of crazed people. Well after an hour, of our best show ever, the show was over & we had a taste of what famous people go through. So, that was the show that really got our names out there....but there are many more stories of those years, famous people we met, & exciting things we were involved with. Okay, I am rambling on way too long about this subject....I felt like I was in a time machine, there for a few minutes!

Here's some rough photo's of a show we did at the Seattle Arena, they are fuzzy because they are photos from a video~ I'll have to scan some other photo's~


tisjewel said...

Hey Iz! Your new layout looks awesome! And your website looks like it's coming along well! Congrats! - Julie

D-Max said...

Those pictures remind me of The Ring.