A new way to lose weight

I have discovered a new way to lose weight...
1st day...scorch the roof of your mouth with steaming hot tortellini noodles!
2nd day..burn your mouth again with hot cereal!
3rd day..try burning again with hot cheese pizza!
4th day..eat raisen bran & scratch the roof of your mouth!
5th day..forget even trying to eat a thing!!

So you see after the first burning, you really don't want to eat anything, and if you try, it just starts the healing process all over again....so needless to say...I have been suffering for the last few days!!! I find it humorous in a sense, but ohhhhh so painful. thought I would share this new weight loss method, it really does work!

(P.S. not that I need to lose a pound, I am actually trying to gain some weight!)
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