crazy dayz!

Well, the day has already been crazy! Much chaos in my house...one thing I found out is I have been uninsured for over a year on all 4 of my vehicles!!! All my babies! I have been paying for a commercial policy that should be non existant as of a year ago, so I thought the cars were under that policy...these agents are fricken jokes and dumber than 2 hillbillies trying to find oil! but thank God I noticed it , now the district manager is trying to figure it out..like it's my fault! Idiots!!!!

So I am off to go clean the mansion, we have company coming in tonight, they didn't bother to tell how long they are staying...I hate living in Las Vegas, I have more friends and family than ever since I live here! And most that come to my house never have money or rental cars, so I usually cook & clean & taxi them around....it really sucks! But I don't mind if they want to go to the strip and go shopping..love the malls down there, my favorite is the Venetian mall, love the expensive clothes there!

Wow! I have noticed I have been sounding pretty angry these last 2 posts! Probably because I have been so busy haven't had time to do any art for over a month!!! I think I will start an art journal, just so I can just do some kind of art or some writing to be creative! I do so adore Teesha Moore's art journals, she is so amazing and she makes it look so easy! I hate it when I don't do anything creative, lately it seems I have just been cooking, cleaning, & picking up toys all day & night...I am going to gather all these silly little toys and donate them ALL! I am so sick of picking them up in every room.

Yesterday I read this great article in a travel magazine about scenic train rides...the one that I would love to take is The Orient Express, through Peru? I think that was it and another through the Swiss Alps, sounded so awesome, lovely cars with glass roofs, exquisite dining & spectacular sleeping rooms, sounded very luxiourious, not like amtrack.

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