115 today in Vegas!

Ohhhh, was it hot today! Still is 103 and it's 8:30. I actually swam in the pool today, instead of just laying on the floaty, that was a huge step for me, I am going to get in shape and start exercising. Talked with my friend today about trying a yoga class, she mentioned a great place to go and it is a block away, so now to steal away from the house will be the difficult part. I have to just be able to trust someone to babysit the kids.....I need some time to myself, before I go insane!!! Is it wrong to feel like I need time to myself? I never have taken time for myself so I feel guilty as heck just thinking it! and I feel guilty for doing my art...wonder if other people feel guilty. hmmmmm.

oh...today I did make a step in doing something different....I watercolored about 6 pages with different colors, in a cool journal I bought off of ebay, from Rustic Stains, hand stabbed, or whatever they call it....but I am waiting for the pages to dry and going to try to do some journaling later tonight. Scares the heck out of me trying something new...I don't know why, it's just a silly journal!

Well...I think I'll go do some laundry and light some of these delicious candles I bought in Seattle, they are dreamy.

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