Through sunlit day and starry night

A soft breeze lifts a leaf to flight

In midst of wildflowers a maiden sleeps

Her beauty doth make man to weep

A handsome knight with golden eyes

Holds vigil under cloudless skies

To keep the damsel from harms way

While in sweet repose she lay

Unknown to him he fills her dreams

Of walking hand in hand by silver streams

And as day's lamp shines from above

He sings to her his songs of love

~T. Beaman


Blue the Spa Girl said...

Love is in the air~!
Very nice...

Gypsy Purple said...

As always, a great piece of work. I love it and wish that I could have done it

Thanks for visiting my blog again..I am still battling to make certain what is the right way to reply to comments, so do not know if you received my previous replies?? If not, thanks and it`s lovely to have you at my place now and again

Anonymous said...

Ooohh!! I loooooove this one!!!

Gisele said...

This is beautiful Bella!