It's the little things in life~ Can you see it!?!?

I was washing the dishes this morning & noticed the scrubby conformed itself to a heart shape! ;) coincides with the art piece I created this morning~


Dan said...

I love these moments. It's as if the universe slaps us in the face and says "Stop thinking! See this!"

Zen moments.

Gypsy Purple said...

Yeah, I agree with Dan, I said this is the year that I want to see the extraordinary in the ordinary....this is one of those moments!!

Annabelle said...

Isn't it wild when you notice something when you least expect it and you get inspired?Love your art.

Annabelle ~^..^~ xo

larin said...

I love this! I love finding the unexpected in the mundane. My daughter (Zoe) and I are always on the lookout for heart-shaped items, especially rocks, for my mom. My first AB came about as a way to give her a heart-shaped rock for Christmas.

And yes, definitely change the iron railings to something more ornate--a grand idea! ;-)