This could have been THE day~

I really must stop day dreaming while driving~ earlier today while I was in a dreamy state of euphoria, listening intensly to the music, deep in thought... have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt!? and you can't concentrate on anything! well, that's my story, can't concentrate lately~

anyways....I stopped for a red light, when the light turned green, I cruized on out into the intersection..... I always look both ways before going, but this time I didn't, too busy dreaming (if you ever drive in Vegas, you don't dare go without looking)

As I am in the middle of this busy intersection, I looked to my left and this semi truck is haulin ass right for me on my drivers side, oh my gosh it was so scary just like out of a movie, I hit the gas & went completely sideways...I handled it quite nicely I should add , that truck missed me by inches!!.... if I didn't have the power I have in that Harley truck to get me the heck out of the way, I would have been.... well... .it didn't happen so I am just thanking God I didn't die today~ I pulled over up the way, shaking, my heart in my throat, I thought I was going to pass out, then just cried for about half an hour.

What is even sadder is that I am writing this story on my blog~
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