Have you ever?!

Tagged again!! and I am supposed to share an old photo~

taken a picture completely naked? yes
danced in front of a mirror naked? no
had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yes
been arrested? yes
seen someone die? yes
kissed a picture? yes
slept in until 5pm? yes
had sex at work? hmmmm...that's a lil' too personal ;)
fallen asleep at work? yes
held a snake? yes, 7 foot boa
ran a red light? many times, daydreaming~
been suspended from school? yes, smoking in the bathroom
pole danced? no, but I have seen other girls do it
been fired from a job? no
sang karaoke? no
done something you told yourself you wouldn't? of course
laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? no, but my friend did :)
laughed until you peed? almost, but my friend did!
caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes
kissed in the rain? yes
had sex in the rain? hmmm...dreamt of it~
sang in the shower? of course, doesn't everyone~
gave your private parts a nickname? ewwww...no
ever gone to work without underwear? not!
sat on a rooftop? yes, in Seattle snuck up on a 20 story building
played chicken? yes, stupid thing...back in my wilder days
broken a bone? yes, my collar bone, motorcycle accident
flashed someone? yes, with my bra on ;)
mooned someone? no, but people have mooned me~
skinny dipped? yes!
ever been in a fist fight? yes
shaved your head? no
slept naked? yes
kissed a rockstar? yes
had a crush on a movie star? yes Johnny Depp
blacked out from drinking? yes
break someone's heart? yes
someone break your heart? yes
played a prank on someone? yes, gave a friend fake lottery ticket, afterwards wish I didn't
been in a mosh pit? yes
had a gym membership? no
felt like killing someone? yes
break something in anger? yes
truly hated someone? no
felt like smacking someone in the face? yes
cried over someone you were in love with? yes
had Mexican jumping beans as pets? yes
been in a band? does back up singing for a cd count?!
been in a movie? yes, Singles
shot a gun? yes, AK47
shot a bow and arrow? yes
played strip poker? no
donated blood? no
ever jump out of an airplane? no, but always have wanted to~
been to more than 10 countries? no

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And whoever else wants to join in!! ~Don't forget to post a photo of yourself, when you were young ;) xoxo!!


Blue the Spa Girl said...

Izabella~thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is so...gothic, ancient, beautiful!
I love your meme answers...(a couple of posts ago) and as for number six...not sure if anyone I know feels like an adult. I know I don't!
See you again soon!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

btw...just read your profile.
Ashes and Snow...incredible!
Loved it. So beautifully photographed.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bella,
I enjoyed reading your answers. You know what's funny? I have broken my collar bone as well.
I have taken your Tag Challenge and posted it...
Have a Great Day!


Rande said...

What an adorable picture. That's got to be a very special picture for you. I'll get to my tag shortly. But my picture won't be as cute. And some days I don't feel very grown up either.