aaahhhh, precious art, sweet paints~

oh how joyous to create again! I had 2 hours to myself, grabbed my paints, some kool vintage images & turned on some music...Evanscense~ ahhhhh precious art time.....where I can escape into my own lil' world~

Not sure what is up with my scanner or blogger...the pictures look fuzzy~


Nicole said...

Oh again your art is sooooooooo Wow!!! Keep the art flowing. ;) Hope to hear from you soon. ;)
Hugs Nicole

Sombra said...

Doesn't it just feel amazing to be creating beautiful things? Keep it up, Bella. I find looking at your art to be most enjoyable...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful grouping of artwork, Izabella. So much to capture the gaze here!

Thank you for stopping off to visit my fledgling blog and for leaving comments. I'll be back to visit you regularly and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful, imaginative art.

Anonymous said...

Izabella, you said that you didn't feel quite comfortable using the techniques required for the book - what do you do? I seem to notice sandpapering or some other way of scratching and aging images and paint, walnut ink overall, and maybe crackle varnish? D'you use gesso?

Anyway, it would be really interesting if you gave a "technique lesson" the way Alteredkat does sometimes.

I'm not currently doing any art due to a traumatic move and other stuff, but I feel the urge stirring again and it would be great to learn about a new technique to try.

Margaret (made_make on ZNE)