1000 places to see before you die~

what I am reading~ "1000 places to see before you die" a travelers life list~
at amazon http://tinyurl.com/yh62td

these are just a few of the places that I would like to visit someday~

travel to "Soul of the Garden" Tom Spencer


Sheila said...

Hi Izabella..
thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Nice to meet you !
This is my kind of book. I love to travel, but don't do enough of it to satisfy my appetite.The Soul of the Garden is something else I would enjoy reading, I love the photography. Until recently I had a blog dedicated to my photos of Portugal and Spain, but I shut it down. Perhaps in the new year when I return from my next trip I will start over. Your art leaves me speechless, the subject matter, the colour, the textures shouldn't work together, but they do and they delight the eye. I will be back to see you again.
**Merry Christmas**

Ruth Rae said...

what a fantastic blog you have!
and your art is amazing!
the soul of the garden is a really amazing site as well! thanks so much for the link and the image of mexico, WOW!