my beautiful friend JoAnnA~

I am in shock, how to find the words, what to think...it feels so surreal....I just want to wake up & it is just a bad dream~ I wanted to post yesterday, as I know alot of friends that read my posts know of JoAnnA (mosshillstudio) and I know you would want to know of her thoughts & her pained heart~ she was diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer....I feel helpless right now to be able help her, I want so bad to be there with her, but will wait to see if she summons me~

JoAnnA will need tons of prayers in these trying times.... drop her a note if you can, I know she will appreciate all the letters of love & support~

I am at a loss for words...What can I say?! what can I do!? I love you my sweet friend~

I wanted to share what she wrote on her blog today .....also the art posted "LIVE" created by JoAnnA~ http://mosshillstudio.blog.com/

Yesterday it was discovered through surgery that I have breast cancer. I am still in shock but allowing my brain to find the acceptance of what has been told to me. I do not have all the details as of yet, but I've been told I will need to have a mastectomy next week, followed by chemo.
So many emotions, so many tears, so many questions. The changes that took place with me in the cancer breast only started a few months ago. I had another tumor in the other breast for a couple of years and they found that to be benign. I really thought this new development was going to have the same outcome. I really wasn't prepared.
One thing I know for sure is that I want to fight it and I want to LIVE!! I am anxious to find out what stage it is in and if it has spread so I know what I'm fighting against.
What warms my heart beyond words is the love and support I've received from friends and family. What totally amazes me, how many tears I heard over the phone from some of my art friends I've meet through my online art groups. They have never met me, yet they cried for me. I am so touched that people care and love me so much. I have also received so many sweet encouraging emails already. It really really helps so much. I think my blog will be a good way to give updates.
God is my strength, my comforter. He uses people to give me hugs and love. I am so grateful. My husband of 16 years tomorrow, happy anniversary honey, has been a God sent. This is the first time he has become my caretaker. We've only know the reversal, as Ron has endured so much. Seven years ago they discovered a brain tumor in his brain stem. He had two brain surgeries a year apart and has done well since. He has his struggles and pain, but he is an amazing guy. I am so glad I married this man, I love him so much. He is building us a home, stick by stick. We have been living in an R.V. for 3 years and 4 months and have experienced much stress, as we never planned on it being this long. We are so close to finishing, and the house is at the point where I could be helping now. The timing is frustrating, as I so want to be in a home, a real home this winter. Patience and endurance....
and now on the survival road. I want to be a breast cancer survivor. Right now I feel like a victim of it, and unsure of my future. But soon, very soon I will be told...
patience and endurance.
Love to all of you for your prayers, encouragement and virtual hugs. Moving so far from friends and family makes it all the harder now but together in spirit we are. I have fallen in love with each of you more deeply. I know God will get us through yet another battle. My niece is in the middle east, having to fight for her life, I too will do the same. I promised her that last week when she left for Iraq, if I had to, I'd fight for mine.
I wish I had a father and a mother, but I don't in human form. This morning reading Psalm 27, Verse 10 reads, "when my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me." Thank you Lord for being my everything and giving to me what I need when I need it.

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