Me...at Las Vegas Speedway!!

My computer problems seem to be fixed, finally! So here I am back in blogland~

Wanted to share a lil' about my latest experience, I mentioned in my last post~ one of the most scariest things I have ever done in my life!!! My family & I went to the Las Vegas Speedway last week & I raced an indy car~ 150 miles per hour, eight laps!! Exhilerating!!

I drive fast all the time, sometimes a lil' too fast, when the kids aren't in the car~ so I never thought racing this car would be any different, well....I can't even explain in words how different it is being on a track than on the streets. But now I know why there were no girls racing, just huge dudes, I felt like a little girl being in the class with them, I could tell by there comments & actions that they were not too thrilled I was there~ "silly girl" I heard one of them say~

I took the class, tried listening to the teacher, but my mind was in a whirlwind, so much to learn, & how to do it correctly...I was freaking out, afraid I would forget something, it wasn't as easy as I thought.

Finally after the class, they took us back to the track, one by one they helped us into our cars. I got in mine...I was so short they had to add 4 pillows so I could reach the clutch, gas & brakes~ then they straped me in...oh my gosh!! I couldn't breath!! it was so tight!! I was facing the sun & it was hot, the helmet & neck brace were so tight....I waited for my turn, which felt like an eternity. I couldn't breath, it was hot, the smell of gas, oh my gosh! I started to panic, closterphobic! I never have been before~ I wanted to rip off the belts, I couldn't take off my helmut...oh shit (excuse my language) I need to get out, I changed my mind, I don't want to race, no one could here me if I tried....breathe breathe, consentrate. Finally they came over & said I was up...thank you God!!

Hopefully, I will remember everything they just taught me, my mind was whirling with a million thoughts....they pushed me off.... I pushed in the clutch...shaking like a leaf, the power was way more than I imagined, the roar of the motor was intense, the steering was so overwhelming I could hardly steer, I couldn't see very well, the wind was taking my breath away, the first corner came up...oh my gosh!! I was holding on so tight, it was hard to turn, the G forces were so amazingly intense around the corners, it grounded me into the seat until it hurt, I thought I was going to go right into the side of the wall...breathe, breathe, concentrate, Jesus please don't let me crash, don't let me crash...I saw my life flash before my eyes, my kids, my family, my life, could it end today?! this was a dumb thing to do...a stupid girl racing on the track, no wonder there weren't any girls racing, this is fricken scary as hell!!!

What seemed like forever, I finally saw the checkered flag, my time is done, thank you Jesus for not letting me crash!!

They had to help me out of the car, I was shaking so bad, I could hardly walk~ my arms were extremely sore for 3 days after~ I will see if I can upload some video, I payed for a 3 way camera action...oh I am sure it will be hilarious with a camera in my face, breathing around every corner like I was having a baby!

I can't wait to go back again! silly girl ;)
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