It was said today...my art was useless, that it is creepy & scary...I know why it scares him~


Anonymous said...

These are quite beautiful. I love the ethereal quality...

Hélène Deroubaix said...

useless?? your art? just creepy and scary?
the person who says so surely just did not understand your art!

you also have such beautiful vintage postcards!!<3
do you mind if I use them in my art?
and by the way where do you find them?

Fae blessings***

~ said...

Oooh dahling Izabella~
Shall I throw on my steel toe docs, hop on my broom and kick his arse for you? You have abfab beautiful work, it's stunning. Don't listen to whoever says otherwise.

Miz Bella

Anonymous said...

You know what? Your art is an inspiration to me. It is so beautiful that I am always here at your site looking at it and thinking that you are an incredibly gifted artist. The person who said this is a fool and they have no idea what they are talking about. And if I could get my hands on this lowlife that said this, I'd give him some lessons in manners real quick!

Jamie said...

Your art touches me and inspires me. Don't let the callous words of one person matter.

gina armfield said...

Obviously this is a person filled with fear - your art work touches a place deep inside and makes you feel which is something that makes many afraid and others inspired - your work is courageous and lovely and strong.