Folio Edition~ Keith Lo Bue

This morning I found this in my email....(precious little yahoo group) can you even imagine how excited I am!!! I can't wait to see these cards in person! ahhhhhh heaven..... I saw a peak, of the piece I bought~ last row, 2nd one on left~ victorian neckpiece~
this is what Keith wrote....

Hello everyone, The online artwork sale is still a few days away (working feverishly away on it), but in the meantime I'm proud as punch to announce that I'm taking pre-orders on my Folio Edition set of art postcards, the first catalogue of my work to be published. The webpages devoted to it are up.
The set will be ready for the holidays, and if I may say, it'll make a mighty swanky gift!
Please go check it out here:<http://www.lobue-art.com/folio-enter.html>
I don't have an image of the embossed folio box as is still in production, so you'll have to take my word for it, the box is beautiful!
Pictures of it will go up on the site when it arrives here.On the site there's also a tiny film of the cards being printed. I find the four-color printing process endlessly fascinating. Hope you do too. Keith

note: make sure when you go to the above link, to click on his initials KL & then click on the seahorses to take you further into the site for more info...here is a link to Keith's website, every year, around this time, he has an online art sale!! www.lobue-art.com

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your folio box. I'm sure it's lovely!
I always enjoy seeing all your creations.