Back from Palm Springs~ The first day we rode the tram 7000 feet! I felt so small in this world~ the mountain was enormous, full of jagged rocks, the ride was wild, majestic & aweing~ The tram was stuffed with 80 people & when the doors shut, the floor rotated, it was a spectacular view~

The weather was a beautiful 85 degrees. That night my 9 year old got very sick..he & I spent the next two days in the hotel room~ poor lil' guy was miserable, wish I had brought some art books to read, or my art journal to work in~watched too much mindless tv~

On our way home, we thought are our eyes were playing tricks on us....95 degrees...and it looked like it had snowed......have you ever heard of cotton fields in California!? it was beautiful!! I have never seen cotton plants, the kids loved it, touching, picking & walking through it...so heavenly~

I am going through art withdrawls, I haven't created anything in weeks, I feel so empty when I don't create, hopefully I can hide away & make something this week~

p.s. I despise my camera, but I had to share these pics, although they don't do justice~



Anonymous said...

These are great photos! I'm glad that you had good weather. What an incredible experience to ride the tram!
I've seen Cotton fields and they are something else, aren't they?
I hope your little 9 year old is feeling better.
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Izabella!

Altered Kat said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bella!

Kat :)

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Hi Izabella! That sounds like quite a visit to Palm Springs - so sorry to hear about your little guy, though...hope he is doing much better. Thanks for sharing the pics too - they're awesome! Here's wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving =)