Summerlin artshow~

There were people selling art all over the park & here is this amazing artist, creating a masterpiece from chalk on the sidewalk! She is from California & I lost her name & website address, anyone know her!!!???

It started to rain when I was taking these pictures, I had to leave I knew I would start crying if I saw it being washed away~


Scott Lamont said...

Really, really cool. I've seen folks do art on the sidewalks like this when I lived in San Francisco, but never this size and quality. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Rogers-Daniels said...

Izabella- I'm in the PW group and I was checking out your blog- beautiful work girl! Hey! I KNOW that chalk artist! I live in So;. CA and she has taught at my school. I teach second grade at an Arts magnet school and we have working artists from LA teach 12 week units every year. this lady has been at my school several times. She never taught MY class so i don't know her name right now. But I can find out and probably get you her e-mail! Can I sign up for the free art drawing?
Jennifer Rogers-Daniels