Judy's art doll~

I have to share this!!! An amazing art doll up for auction on ebay, created by the lovely Judy.....

this is a lil' piece of what she has to say about her inspirations behind the doll, you can read the rest on her ebay site http://tinyurl.com/m7tbq

As I was reminiscing the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 I was looking through the newspapers and magazines I saved. In one of the magazines was a black and white photo..but no it wasn't, it was a color photo but everything was either black or shades of grey. People walking down the street coming from Ground Zero were covered in ash. It had the same effect on me it did that day in September of 2001.

Check out her new blog "Art by JMKoriginals" http://jmkmini.blogspot.com/


geoffe said...

Such a beautifully romantic and Victorian blog. It's always refreshing to come across you wonderful work. Do you create theses pieces?

Judy K said...

Thank you so much Bella for putting my lil ole doll on the same page as your gorgeous art work!

God Bless,