20,000 visitors!!!

Just wanted to share...today my blog has hit 20,000 visitors! Wow! Amazing!

I never imagined this many people would ever visit my silly blog~ sometimes I go back & read some of my previous posts & feel embarrassed, saddened, joyful, disappointed, sometimes I feel my cheeks blushing red and a hot flash come over me with the silly things I have wrote, and want to delete some of them, but I think it's good for me to leave them & reflect on where I was at a certain time~ thanks for sharing with me...my sweet visitors ;) xoxo


Sean said...

Wow 20,000 visitors congradulations

Joan said...

Hey, congratulations....but you more than deserve it, sharing all your art with us.
luv to look at your blog.........hope one day to be 1% as good as you.
joan in italy

fin said...

His stuff is soo cool. I like your blog

GollyGumDrops said...