~Try it Tuesdays ~This weeks' challenge....transfers

This is a new group founded by "Chrysti" She has a new challenge every Tuesday, for you to try....this is what she writes....

Try It… Then Win It!
A new twist on weekly challenges…
Especially for those of us who are time challenged…
Win Prizes, Learn New Techniques, Become a Featured Artist or Store… and more!!
Ok, Ok, I know what you are thinking..
"ANOTHER? Weekly Challenge? UGH… "
Not So! Read On.. See How Try It Tuesdays is Different..

check out the rest of the instructions on her site... http://tryittuesdays.wordpress.com/

~This is my first entry with this group....and I will say it was a challenge, I always have had problems with transfers, but this one actually worked! not perfect but better than others I have attempted. The bug was transferred onto packing tape~


Chrysti said...

it looks great!

I find contact paper gives me the best result..i'll be posting mine tonight.

I was worried people wouldn't like this challenge, as it's not exactly "new" but.. my hunch (so far) seemed right.. that so many ar eintimidated by transfers, or plain frustrated...LOL

Hope this helps change minds!

Thanks for playing!!

primdollie said...

Sorry but your art work never ever looks like you had a challenge creating it!!! it is perfect each and every time!! LOVE the bug!! too fun dear!
hugs Linda

Greg said...


I live in Las Vegas also. Thought I'd say hi. Cheers.