A stranger~ an angel?

This morning I was at Barnes & Noble reading some magazines...a stranger came up to me....he looked straight into my eyes with all sincerity, felt as though he was staring right into my very being(not in a creepy way) he said "you have the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen" then walked away, it was very surreal, almost angelic...when I turned around, he was gone~

Sometimes when you need it most, strangers can say things that can change your perception of yourself, good or bad...today those words were well taken & how it made me feel, was priceless......as today, I was feeling awful about myself & my hair, actually I was contemplating cutting off all of my hair!! I vow to make compliments to strangers more often, if I feel it tugging at my heartstrings~ xo

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Lilize said...

i think we underestimate the effect strangers have on people...

once i was walking downtown shopping with my mom and feeling quite irritated (shopping with my mom does that to people), and then as i was walking i yeawned... and a man passing by, maybe sensing my irritation, flicked a little paper as if aiming my open mouth and chucki]ling... well he probably just meant to seem funny and cheer me up, i don't know (even thought i still think it was a tupid way to do so), but at the time i just thought "WTF??? what a retard!" so i turned to him and started yelling in the middle of the street "F-OFF YOU STUPID BASTARD S-O-A-B #@%&#"

my mom didn't understand it and the man was obviously shocked - as everyone around. right after that i went to a store and went inside the provingroom and started crying =/